Short and Something

I haven’t felt well for the past couple of days, so I thought I’d just post something short and sweet this morning. Then, when I couldn’t think of anything sweet, I started typing any little thing that popped into my head.

Yay Astros!

Finally a World Series title for Houston. I guess that’s pretty sweet after all.

We went to bed after the third inning. It’s too hard to stay awake for a west coast game when you live on the east coast, but I must’ve dreamed baseball all night because I feel like I’ve done nothing but run bases, sliding head first into home plate again and again.

Peace, people!

World Series Lite

I understand that the first game of The World Series begins tonight featuring two teams with epic hard luck stories and armies of loyal “there’s always next year” fans. 

Studly Doright and I lived in Illinois for eight years, and while I never became a rabid Cubs fan I did root for them. However, I’ve actually been to an Indians game, whereas, I never made it to Wrigley Field to see the Cubbies play. That’s still on my bucket list.

My son-in-law, Stephen the Great, and my grandson, are big Cubs fans, though, so I’ll put my energy into cheering for them. 

As a good friend once said, baseball is a simple game. You hit the ball, you throw the ball, you catch the ball. Piece of cake, right? We just have to do it better than those guys from Cleveland. Let’s do this! Fly the W!

Peace, and hot bats, people!