Thanks, but no thanks

Got this in the mail from the NRA today. Obviously they haven’t read my Facebook timeline.

See the badge in the upper left hand corner? They’ve asked me to place that on my truck, car, boat, or God forbid, on my window at home so that, 

“When your local lawmakers see this shield on NRA vehicles, they see crystal-clear proof that if they push gun regulation, licensing, and prohibition, they risk DEFEAT on Election Day. It’s that promise, backed by NRA membership muscle, that stops gun banners in their tracks.”

Apparently, this shield has…

“…stopped hundreds of schemes to ban your guns and close down gun shows, gun shops, ranges, and hunting lands.”

I own a gun. One of these days I’ll learn to use the darned thing, but I refuse to become part of an organization that plays on our fears in order to pump up their membership. 

I refuse to belong to a group that fought against common sense gun regulations following the shooting of innocent schoolchildren in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, a group that instead said the answer to such tragedies was to arm more people.

The NRA was founded with good intentions, but radical organization leadership and a focus on political and societal manipulation has twisted that goodness into something profane. 

I’ll take that sticker. There’s a great stinky place just inside my trashcan in need of an NRA endorsement.

Peace, people!


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