Cliffs of Moher

Before we dropped the golfers off at Lahinch on Thursday our entire group took a trip to the dramatic Cliffs of Moher. The gray day leant an air of melancholy to the visit and the winds blew cold and fierce. More than once I thought my phone would be blown from my hands as I snapped photos.

This picture is of the left side of the cliff walk. I only walked up the right side.

Studly Doright only ventured as far as the visitors’ center, above, so I explored without him.
Members of our group
I didn’t really gain weight on the trip, but my multiple layers made it look like I’d added at least a stone (aka 14 lbs.)

Our bus driver, Paul, said the Cliffs of Moher had seen more than its share of jumpers through the years. Often the only clue that a suicide occurred was an unclaimed car in the parking area at day’s end. On a brighter note, the Cliffs are also a favorite place for marriage proposals. I just watched for dragons.

Peace, people.

Last Call

The golfers played Lahinch on Thursday while the women explored The Burren, a wildly surrealistic landscape dotted with an abundance of limestone outcroppings. I celebrated surviving the journey into the natural beauty of Ireland with an O’Hara’s pale ale at a pub in Ballyvaughn. 

This was a terrific beer with a bit of a bite, and I enjoyed every drop. It was a fine beer to enjoy on my last full day in Ireland.

One final toast:

May the good Lord take a liking to you…but not too soon.