Love’s Song

I remember the night I fell in love. We were parked in the country sitting side by 

Side in the front seat of his powder blue Plymouth. His arm around my shoulders 

Warming us both. I’d been out of town a week for Christmas break. He’d missed me 

He’d said, and leaned in for a kiss. On a whim I snatched up his motorcycle helmet 

From the backseat and put it on. He kissed me through the face shield. I giggled, 

I think I might like you. Without hesitation he responded, I think I might love you.

He raised the barrier and kissed me again, my lips felt his heat as my heart did its 

Best bird imitation, fluttering helplessly. Life changed at that instant.

Our futures merged in some soothsayer’s crystal ball, ups and downs, crappy days,

Great ones, children and grands. Forty years together began in a Plymouth Fury. 



A Facebook friend challenged me to write a companion piece to his “Uncomplicated” poem. Here ‘s my take on it.


Old Ford truck, tailgate down
Levis and a faded chambray
Flip flops, goosebumps
Two Buck Chuck in a Dixie cup.
Fire pit in October
S’mores well done,
Sitting on the back porch,
Drowning in the stars.
Church on Sunday very last pew
Singing all the old hymns
I’ll fly away, oh glory,
Amazing Grace,
And you.