County Kent

I’m currently visiting friends in Dover, England. They’ve taken me all over county Kent: Folkestone. Deal, Sandwich, and the county’s seat of government, Canterbury. If my WordPress account would allow it, I’d share photos, but I’ve done something to piss off the powers that be, so I will just have to give you my impressions.

Every experience has been incredible. I’ve seen homes and buildings so ancient that it blows my mind. Established in 1559? Yep. And these can be found sitting adjacent to modern structures that might fit into any city in the world.

I walked into the Canterbury Free Library. This venerable edifice appeared to be straight out of a fairy tale. Yet inside was a state of the art library. Fascinating. The marriage of the old to the new works nicely here.

My friends have spoiled me rotten. They’ve fed me like royalty and treated me like family. On Wednesday, I’ll leave County Kent for a couple of days in London, but County Kent has my heart.

Peace, people!

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