Kim Stanley Robinson

Love science fiction? Then I highly recommend the writing of Kim Stanley Robinson. His novel, New York 2140 caught my eye a few weeks ago and after devouring it, I was hooked. The title tells us where and when, but the story is amazing. 

Mr. Robinson keeps his readers engrossed in the adventures of two water rats living in a Venice-like New York City in the year 2140, while simultaneously juggling stories about the angst of a young stock broker who trades in an index based on changes in sea level, a police officer seeking to solve a major crime, a couple of technology geeks, a union activist, and a video celebrity turned champion of human and animal rights, among others. 

I’m currently reading his book, 2312, and am so thoroughly immersed in Robinson’s world that I’m dreaming of life within a mobile city on Mercury. Not only have all the planets in our solar system been terraformed to accommodate human life, but so have their moons and a good number of asteroids. 

Robinson has an amazing technical imagination, and I’m left wondering if his writing might prompt scientists to explore the viability of some of his ideas. I certainly hope someone is taking notes.