Going Places

Leaving Nashville the day after Christmas, hugging grandchildren one more time

Before we climb into our respective rides for long journeys home. One heads west, another

North, while we point our car south and east, full of new memories and Christmas goodies,

Enough to last until our far-flung families are brought together once again. Safe travels.

The Republican Test

The Arm Chair Pontificator


Do you consider yourself to be a Republican?  Are you a right-wing Conservative?  Are you sure?  Take the test below to see just how much of a Republican you truly are.

1.)  A true Republican believes:  A. Allah is not a real god.  B.  Catholics are not “true” Christians.  C.  Poor people are poor because they’re lazy.  D.  Disabled people are not really disabled, they’re just pretending.  E.  All of the above.

2.)  True Republicans think: A.  America was founded in 1952 by Jesus Christ and 4 white, elderly rich guys with the surname of Smith.  B.  Undocumented aliens are all evil except for the ones they have cleaning their homes and cooking for them for .15 cents an hour.  C.  Public schools suck and tax dollars are better spent on giving them vouchers to send their kids to fancy private…

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Over a Few Rivers, Out of the Woods

“Off again,
On again,
Gone again,

Thus began our journey northwest from Tallahassee to meet our children and grandchildren for a family Christmas in Nashville, TN. With my mother-in-law, Saint Helen, along for the ride, Studly Doright and I set out on our eight hour trip on Thursday morning. We were in no great hurry, since the house we are renting wouldn’t be available until Friday afternoon.

Saint Helen and I took turns riding shotgun next to Studly in the front seat. I enjoyed my turn riding in the backseat, taking note of texting drivers and giving them dirty looks. Saint Helen is too nice for that task, though, but she and Studly enjoy visiting.

Just north of Montgomery, Alabama, we stopped at a Bass Pro Shop to stretch our legs and use the restroom facilities. If you’ve never visited a Bass Pro Shop, you’re missing out on a grand experience.

The stores are humongous. 

And chock full of everything an outdoorsman or woman could possibly need:

Boats and guns share space with crossbows and fishing gear, shoes and clothing. Most disturbing are the dead animals displayed in abundance:

This guy posed with me:

There is a shooting gallery with fake guns:

Rows and rows of the real thing:

An archery section:

An aquarium with live animals instead of those stuffed ones that were displayed hither and yon:

A general store and a fudge shop with real fudge for sale. No fake fudge here!

We spent an hour or so wandering around Bass Pro Shop before climbing back into the car. No stuffed animals were injured in the writing of this post. 

Tallahassee Auto Museum

Last Sunday Studly Doright and I took his mom, Saint Helen, to the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. Even though Studly and I have been in Tallahassee a little over three years, this was our first visit to the museum that sits just off Interstate 10 east of Tallahassee.

Elvis Mobile
Weird horse statue greets visitors

Here are just a few of the automobiles on display. The array was dizzying. 

Amphibious car–LBJ had one and loved to prank guests to his Texas ranch by driving into his lake.
Studebaker Avanti: The front looks like the rear.
Studly and Saint Helen

Batman had his own section.

There were motorcycles in abundance:


Boat motors:

Tricycles and pedal cars:

Steinway Pianos:

Cash registers:

A vampire hunting kit (I really think I need one):

And lots of other goodies:

Hearse believed to be used to convey Lincoln’s body.

The museum, with its eclectic array of memorabilia, provided us with a couple of hours of entertainment. I think I’m still suffering from antique overload. 

Peace, people.

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