More Than A Coffee Shop

In my mid-sixties I’ve discovered an affinity for coffee shops. Not for coffee, mind you, but for the places where coffee is brewed and served. Places where a banana nut muffin along with a chai latte can keep me company while I write or people watch.

Tallahassee has several good coffee shops, so I’ve been trying one a week for the past couple of months in hopes that I’ll find the perfect combination of good vibes and good tea.

The good ones all have electrical outlets wherever possible. The great ones have outlets and serve vegan goodies. I’m still trying to decide which place rates my devotion.

Red Eye is really good—lots of places to write and a nice selection of decaf teas, but, alas, no vegan baked goods. The Square Mug has great vegan selections, but they’re in a smaller space with fewer outlets. I haven’t tried Lucky Goat, mostly because the one time I visited there were no masks in sight in a crowded space. That was a deal breaker.

Yes, I know I could brew a cup of tea at home and have my quiet writing space while I snack on muffins purchased in advance from Sweet Pea Cafe, but going to the coffee shop makes me feel like I’m actually at work. Like I have a place to be. Call me weird, but it’s comforting.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

9 thoughts on “More Than A Coffee Shop”

  1. For years I got together with a good friend at Panara Bread and we would get coffee and a baked good and write together. It was so much fun. Then she moved to California. But we just made a date to Zoom and write together next week. It isn’t quite like meeting over coffee, but I’m glad we still do it.

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