The Grandkids are Coming! The Grandkids are Coming!

Studly Doright and I have been getting Doright Manor ready to withstand a visit from our Texas grandkids, Dominique and Jackson. The two, along with one of their friends, are flying in to Panama City Beach on Sunday evening to stay with us in Havana for a week. The guest rooms and baths are ready, the cupboards are full, and the refrigerator is stocked with Jackson’s favorite root beer.

Each year when the kids visit, Studly, who goes by “Poppa” around the grands, has motorcycles ready to work on and ride. I usually take the kids to a water park. However, Jackson broke his foot at the beginning of the summer and will still be in a cast. We might have to get a bit more creative with our activities this year.

Arts and crafts, anyone?

Regardless of what we do, we’ll have fun. I’ll post something if I have the energy!

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

13 thoughts on “The Grandkids are Coming! The Grandkids are Coming!”

  1. Hi – well enjoy those grandbabies

    and I do have some arts and crafts ideas – I will try and come back and share them –
    but for many years I had nieces and nephews visit and then my step-daughter’s visits we tried to make as special as possible (they narrowed down to twice a year because she lived out of state and so I had a few go-to activities)

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      1. Hi – well buy some cheap sketchbooks (not too cheap cos acid free is nice) but they have they for like three dollars at places.
        – then some activities can be sketch book time – and even preschoolers can join in – depends on your goal.
        Sketchbooks can be sued to explore the “elements of art (EOA) and on one day they tarce shapes – geometric, organic, etc.
        – another day they make lines – dashed – zig zag etc.

        then some days you can have them paint right in there (let them dry before you close them up)
        and you can also use paper sheets – but the sketchbook leaves us with a nice keepsake for the summer.
        We also tape in pcitures (of the kids – or from a magazine or brochure of an event we went to – like we did the summer community events…
        and so a big roll of clear packaging tape is helpful.
        If you want more on the EOA ideas – let me know.

        another idea is to have bucket art – this is for any age but works well with a little older elementary –
        we had buckets (crates work too) and we went to various parks and had to take our bucket – walk 150 steps – sit and sketch what we saw. Offered a lot of grace for open interpreation because it is vulnerable.
        BUy some modeling clay (or air dry foam stuff) and make little critters – some are so easy and then can make into necklaces and keep sakes.
        sand art – use caradboard base and then make an outline or design or shape with glue. Pour colored sand on it and let dry – looks nice when done.

        rope turtles:
        get some rope or string – and loosely pencil in the shape of a turtle on a piece of cardboard.
        Help their child roll the rope into the shape of a turtle and got glue down (or use any adhesive) – these come out so nice I have seen parents frame them.

        t-shirt designs
        I know the tie-dye t-shirt is classic summer – but I prefer to use fabric markers and then design shirts that way. Everyone can add something to each other’s or they can do a solo one. Sometimes plain craft shiorts are so cheap we make a few.
        cards – do not forget card games – they can be sued to pass a few minute sof time if it is a short game – and targets a different area of brain

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      2. oh one more –
        make math art sticks –
        each child gets four popsicle sticks (or crafts sticks)
        and they design them one way on one side – dark and vibrant
        The other side is light and cooler –
        and they get the chance to create their own look.
        the fours sticks can then be used as agame.
        three or four kids play together and toss the sticks up – and when they land – they get points for the dark (or light) sides.
        each stick is worth 25 points and so students practice adding 25 –
        first one to reach 500 wins.
        So fun because it is the luck of the drop and not super competitive – and can change the groups up

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      3. my pleasure and I never played that game in school – but it was in a Native American lesson plan we used to have – anyhow, i am sure you have TONS of activities and sometimes it is just fun to modify some new ideas

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  2. Oh dear. I assume Water sports are off the radar!! Lots of movies, card games, rock painting, Tallahassee Museum, etc.. lol!! Have fun, mine leave tomorrow, whew!!! lol!!

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