And then Mike Pence says: ‘It’s time to wrap it up’… 😃😆to Robert Mueller 😂😆🤣😅🙄

Great piece by Love her term for pence: “omniphobe”

A lot from Lydia

Radical Christian omniphobe, Vice President Mike H(HeKnew) Pence, whose indictment dodging game plan has been to fly under the radar, is trying a new strategy, which is to call Michael T(TrumpNeverMetHim) Cohen’s scrutinized business relationships a ‘private matter.

That is likely a run on sentence, so I’ll re-phrase it in a different run on sentence:

Robert H(HoldMyBeer)Mueller’s investigation, into Russian interference in the 2016 election, has bled into multiple connected crimes. Michael S(SoScrewed) Cohen, whose style of lawyering is thuggish extortion,

has been busted taking bribes from corporations who have since directly benefited from Donald J(JustKiddingDon’tWannaBePotus)Trump’s policy changes. At the risk of repeating myself, (as if anyone is reading), I’ll only say: banks, Fortune 500 companies, Russian oil, internet, drug companies… I’ll stop there, my thumbs are cramping up.

Back to omniphobe Mike Y(YouCan’tDoThatWithYourUterus)) Pence. He has inadvertently shown his cards…

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