Let It Snow (Somewhere Else) 

I love snow in theory. Newly fallen snow is indescribably lovely, draping the world in peaceful beauty. Even day two can be nice if one doesn’t have to scrape snow and ice off of car windows or shovel the heavy stuff off of sidewalks and driveways. By day three, though, the majesty has worn off. 

Studly Doright, our two children, and I lived in North Dakota for three years and had quite enough of the frozen precipitation. Snow would begin falling around October 31, and didn’t stop until late March. Sometimes snow was still on the ground in April and May. Brrrrr! 

Now that Studly and I live in north Florida I occasionally find myself romanticizing the idea of snow. Not enough that I want to actually experience it in person, mind you, but I miss being able to watch it fall softly from the comfort of my home.

Fortunately I can find it on the Internet. 

Dean Martin sings Let It Snow and I melt. Ironic, right? (There’s a brief commercial at the beginning…)



Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

9 thoughts on “Let It Snow (Somewhere Else) ”

  1. You know, I’m 25 years old and never seen snow.. Wait, no, I just can’t remember it. My parents claim to have taken me when I was little but I can’t remember, or they’re lying.. Either way.

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    1. Wow! It really is lovely, and somehow it makes everything smell and taste better. Weird, I know. But driving on snow covered roads has probably cut my lifespan short by ten years. It is the worst.


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